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Wire Insert Taps

Make sure you get the right tap for the job

Find the tap that's right for you

WTI taps are manufactured from High Speed Steel (HSS) to provide close tolerance tapped holes in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. If you are unsure of the type needed, we'll be happy to advise when you give us your insert specification - below is a quick guide to give you background on the different types of taps.

Wire Insert Hand Taps

WTI hand Taps have parallel flutes, and are used mainly for hand tapping, but due to much improved manufacturing techniques, may also be suitable for machine tapping.

Wire Insert Machine Taps

WTI machine taps are designed primarily for machine tapping, and available in two forms Spiral Flute and Spiral Point.

Wire Insert Cold Forming Taps

WTI cold forming taps have no cutting edges or flutes. They are designed to cold form wire insert internal threads in aluminium, brass, magnesium, zinc and other ductile metals.

Pilot Nose Wire Insert Taps

WTI Pilot Nose taps (2 stage reamer) have been developed for the repair of damaged sparking plug threads without the need for additional drilling.

Wire Insert Tap Materials & Finishes

WTI taps are designed to generate wire thread insert tapped holes in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. They produce close tolerance tapped holes in accordance with all internationally recognised wire insert standards and are compatible with all other wire insert manufacturers products.

Wire Insert Tapping Data

The success of any tapping operation depends on many factors such as:

Tapping Speed

Depth of cut

Type of material being cut

Condition of material being cut

Type of coolant / lubricant 

Type of tapping head etc.

Our recommended sizes for diameter are charted in our techincal data brochure.