WTI has been serving a global supply chain across 67 countries for 30 years

Unbeatable worldwide service

WTI Fasteners has supplied overseas distributors and OEMs with its industry-approved products for 30 years.

Our international team has a long history of working closely with overseas clients, building strong working relationships so that we fully understand your requirements and needs in order to deliver the best quality service to match our world class quality products.

We offer our international clients many specialised service solutions, including developing tailored stock holding and scheduling solutions to meet your individual requirements. Additionally, our uniquely flexible approach to product packaging means we can pack inserts into bags of any quantity you need, and we can also put your own branded labelling on them.

Manufacturing excellence

We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our products, with our wire thread inserts being manufactured in a huge variety of sizes, lengths, and pitches in Metric, UNF, UNC, and British Standard (BSP, BSW, BSF) thread forms. Produced from aerospace quality A2/304 stainless steel as standard, we also manufacture wire inserts in A4/316 stainless steel, phosphor bronze, and Inconel X-750. Both free running and screw locking type inserts are available.

We can provide inserts specially finished in a variety of platings and coatings, including zinc plating, silver plating, cadmium plating, and dry film lubricant. We can also dye inserts to your requirements in red, green, and blue dye.

Our wire thread inserts are equivalent in performance and quality to other leading brands, and are precision engineered in accordance with a range of national and international standards:

WTI manufactures its wire thread inserts to a range of national and international standards


Throughout our 30 year history, WTI has supplied millions of products to end users working in a range of industries, with our wire inserts being used in aircraft engines, rail seatings, turbine generators, and much more:

Some of the industries WTI serves

Our products

Our extensive product range includes wire insert gauges, extractor tools, drill bits, power inserting tools, and tang break punches, as well as our most popular products:

WTI's wire thread inserts

Wire Thread Inserts

Helically-coiled wire thread inserts in Metric, UNF, UNC, BSP, BSF, BSW, and BA. Manufactured in various sizes, materials, pitches, lengths, and finishes.

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WTI's range of manual inserting tools, including screwdriver and pre-wind type with plain or threaded mandrels

Manual Inserting Tools

Screwdriver and pre-wind inserting tools for installing inserts manually. Tools available with either a plain or threaded mandrel. 

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WTI's wire insert hand taps and machine taps: roughing, bottoming, finishing, spiral point, spiral flute

Wire Insert Taps

HSS hand and machine taps in 7 styles: roughing, bottoming, finishing, spiral point, spiral flute, cold forming, and pilot nose.

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WTI's wire insert thread repair kits, popular in the auto aftermarket

Thread Repair Kits

Used to repair worn or damaged threads, our repair kits come with either a screwdriver tool or a pre-wind tool. Spark plug kits are also available.

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