WTI works with distributors and manufacturers worldwide

Unbeatable worldwide service

We supply our high quality, sector-approved products to clients in 67 countries worldwide, and our unique ability to provide products labelled in your own branding makes us a leading choice for many international master distributors.


Stock holding and scheduling solutions

Having worked with distributors extensively, we know that having a well-stocked inventory is vital for quick and easy trading. However, we also know that storage space can be an issue, so that's why we offer stock holding and scheduling solutions tailored to your individual requirements, giving you the security to trade knowing you will always have access to the right products at the right time you need them.


Flexible packaging and labelling

Investment in new automated bagging machines and printing technology allows us to be flexible in how we pack and label products. This has given us the opportunity to offer global master distributors the time-saving option of having their ordered products supplied in their own branded labelling.


Industry approved

Our wire thread inserts are manufactured to a range of national and international industry standards in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, and precision engineering sectors:

WTI's approvals and accreditations


Direct customer delivery

Our popular direct-to-customer service is a cost-effective and time-saving solution. We discretely send orders straight to your customers, which shortens the lead times you can offer them. And, if you send your delivery notes to us, we can include it in the package for you.

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