Wire Thread Inserts for Rail

Whether needed for interior or exterior use, our inserts are a go-to fastening solution for the rail industry.


The rail industry relies on high performance components to keep things moving, and that's where WTI comes in. We continually invest in our products to ensure optimum reliability and durability, with our inserts providing the strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance necessary for the locomotive market.


When travelling by train, you're never far away from our inserts, found in:

  • Rail engines

  • Rail seating

  • Body structure

  • Maintenance

  • Thread restoration

Quality, Reliability, Traceability

Our inserts conform to all recognised national and international wire thread insert standards, and we operate a strict quality management system in accordance with:

  • AS9100 Rev D
  • BS7751
  • BS7752
  • MA/MS standards
  • DIN 8140

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