Whether red, green, or blue, WTI can dye inserts for you!

An image of WTI Fasteners' new dyeing machine, the Rotamat R60.

Dyeing wire thread inserts

At WTI we pride ourselves on adapting to new trends and developments within the fastenings market, and that's why we've invested in a new state-of-the-art dyeing machine to keep up with the increasing demand for dyed inserts.

The Rotamat R60 is an innovative coating system that allows us to colour our inserts with optimum control and efficiency, with the fully automatic spraying system and rotating drum ensuring a uniform dye coating every time. Though specially designed to colour small components, the easily exchangeable drum sizes enable us to colour a variety of insert sizes in a range of quantities, meaning we can quickly adapt to your needs.

The process is further streamlined due to the Rotamat's sensitive IR sensors, which carefully monitor and adjust the temperature of heated inserts to allow them to dry during the colouring process. This removes the need for further treatment, so we can despatch your dyed inserts faster than ever before!

With repeatable, visually homogeneous results, the new machine enables us to provide dyed inserts to the highest quality standards in the lowest lead times, allowing us to meet the increasing industrial demand for coloured inserts as a means of identification. Red dyed inserts are currently the most popularly requested colouring option, particularly for screw locking inserts, though we also offer blue dyed inserts and green dyed inserts upon request.

Our no minimum order quantity policy also applies to dyed inserts, meaning you can have just the right amount you need in any size or length required. So if you're interested in a quote for dyed inserts or would like some more information, get in touch with our customer service team today and we'll be happy to help!

Images of a variety of dyed wire thread inserts, which have been coloured red and green.