KATO® Tangless® products added to WTI's product range

WTI now supplies KATO's Tangless inserts in metric, UNF and UNC thread forms, in both free running and screw locking types

Stock expansion

WTI is excited to announce the addition of KATO® Tangless® products to our stock range, including Tangless® inserts and their associated tooling.

During our recent review, our sales team explained how they had been receiving several enquiries regarding Tangless® inserts. Understanding that Tangless® inserts are growing in popularity as they are ideally suited for use in electronics, where the removal of the tang is more critical than in other applications, we applied to become stockists of KATO® Tangless® products as part of our ongoing mission to provide a comprehensive product range that meets our customers' diverse needs.

Tangless® inserts, which require special Tangless® inserting tools, are bi-directional helically-coiled wire inserts that have a notch at both ends, rather than a tang at one end of the insert. This means that Tangless® inserts do not need to be oriented during the installation process and removes the need to break off the tang, which is especially useful when working with blind holes.

If you are interested in KATO® Tangless® inserts and tooling, get in touch with us today by calling our sales team on 01530 416888 or completing the online contact form.

WTI stocks KATO Tangless inserts in free running and screw locking types in Metric, UNC, and UNF thread forms