Wire Thread Insert Brand Options

Where design drawings indicate a specific brand of wire thread insert, we are happy to quote for that brand.

Brands available from WTI Fasteners

WTI Wire Thread Inserts

WTI Fasteners, by comparison, is an independent manufacturer of Wire Thread Inserts based in the UK. Although we manufacture inserts to a variety of industry accredited quality standards and supply a global network of clients and distributors, we are one of the industry's best kept secrets!

If you need the highest quality insert to a specific industry accredited quality standard, in the widest range of sizes, supplied in the most flexible quantity options with the shortest lead times - that's what we do!


The name HeliCoil® was probably the first recognised brand in this sector and as a result has become the generic term used when discussing wire thread inserts. Similar to using Hoover instead of vacuum cleaner, Helicoil can often be used to describe the type of fixing rather than a deliberate brand specification.


Arconic Fastening Systems (AFS) manufacture the Recoil® brand of insert.

KATO Tangless®

KATO's Tangless® inserts are bi-directional, helically-coiled wire inserts that have a notch at both ends, rather than a tang at one end. This makes them ideally suited for use in electronics, where the removal of the tang is particularly critical. We also supply Tangless® inserting tools.

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