Installation Procedure

Installing a wire thread insert is a simple procedure

Below are the basic six stages of installation for a wire thread insert

As with any engineering process to gain consistent results there are a number of considerations to be made. Key to your success is selecting the right size insert and installation tools. This is why everything you will need in relation to the insert selected is available on the insert specifiction page.

Stage 1 – Drill

Drill hole or drill out damaged thread.

Stage 2 – Tap

Tap thread using wire thread insert tap.

Stage 3 – Check

Check tapped hole using WTI tapped hole gauge.

Stage 4 – Install

Place insert onto insertion tool. Where fitted adjust collar so the insert tang is centered in the slot. Position squarely and using very light downward pressure wind insert into hole until ½ turn below the surface.


Stage 5 – Tang Break

Use tang break tool, where supplied, or lift tool from tang turn 90°, sit back on tang and give a sharp blow with a hammer.

For fine thread inserts use long nose pliers to PULL tang out.

Stage 6 – Check

Check installed insert using thread plug gauge.