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KATO® Tangless® Inserts

Bi-directional helically-coiled wire thread inserts.

Free running Tangless wire thread inserts

What are Tangless® inserts?

As the name suggests, KATO® Tangless® inserts are simply wire thread inserts without a tang. Instead, there is a notch at both ends of the insert, which means these bi-directional helicals don't need to be oriented during the installation process. This lack of tang makes Tangless® inserts especially useful for blind holes or for use in applications where removal of the tang is particularly critical, such as in the electronics industry.

What sizes are available?

We are currently stocking free running and screw locking Tangless® inserts in Metric sizes M2-M10, in three different lengths: 1D, 1.5D, and 2D. We also have in stock some smaller sizes in UNC and UNF threads, and will be expanding our range of sizes soon.

Do I need a specific tool to install them?

Yes, installing KATO® Tangless® inserts requires an inserting tool specifically designed for use with Tangless® inserts - a standard wire insert tool will not do the job. But don't worry, we stock these too!

Tangless® inserting tools for Tangless® inserts

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