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Pre-wind Threaded Mandrel (Professional)

The pre-wind nozzle is necessary for the installation of screw locking wire thread inserts where the insert must be compressed (pre-wound) prior to installation in the tapped hole.

Suitable for both free running and screw locking inserts

Method of use:

  1. Withdraw the threaded mandrel from the main tool body
    • with a window style tool the mandrel will only need to be withdrawn to the top edge of the window
    • with a full body tool the mandrel will be withdrawn completely
  2. Wind the insert onto the threaded portion of the mandrel ensuring that the driving tang is fully engaged with the abutment (raised edge) of the tool
  3. Move the threaded mandrel with the engaged insert towards the nozzle
  4. Wind the insert clockwise into the nozzle, until it meets the nozzle opening
  5. Place the tool squarely over the tapped hole
  6. Continue winding until the insert is positioned approximately 1/4-1/2 turn below the surface of the tapped hole
  7. Unwind the threaded mandrel.