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Screwdriver Plain Mandrel Type

A slotted driving mandrel held in a screwdriver type handle with an adjustable collar to aid installation to the correct depth.

Method of use

  1. Place the insert onto the mandrel, locating the insert driving tang in the slot
  2. With the tang at the open end of the tool, adjust the collar to fit at the end of the insert adjusting the collar will help prevent cross threading of the insert during installation.
  3. (compressing the free coils if, using fine pitch inserts)
  4. Present tool with the insert squarely over the tapped hole
  5. Wind insert clockwise into the hole applying only very light axial pressure, avoid using downward pressure during installation as this may cause the insert to jump threads
  6. Continue winding until the insert is positioned approxinately 1/4 to 1/2 a pitch below the surface
  7. Withdraw the tool


Note: some adjustment of the collar may be required until satisfactory positioning in the tapped hole is achieved consistently.