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Manual Inserting Tools

We have a range of different inserting tools available:

Screwdriver - Plain Mandrel Type

A simple tool with a slotted mandrel and depth stop in a screwdriver handle.

Suitable for quick and easy installation of free running wire thread inserts.

Pre-wind Plain Mandrel Type

A slotted driving mandrel within a tool body that has a pre-wind nozzle.

The pre-wind nozzle is necessary for installion of screw locking wire thread inserts, where the insert must be compressed (pre-wound) prior to installation in the tapped hole.

Pre-wind Threaded Mandrel Type

A threaded mandrel within a tool body that has a pre-wind nozzle.

Suitable for both free running and screw locking inserts. 

Particularly useful for fine pitch threads, as it aids pitch control during the installation process.

Speak to our sales team to find the right tool for you